What Makes Dagashiya Box Different From Other Japanese Snack Box Companies

Dagashiya Snack Box

One fun way to get to know other cultures is through their food–especially their snacks! At Dagashiya Box, we provide people with the opportunity to enjoy the best Japanese snacks in the comfort of their homes. Keep reading to learn more about how our Japanese snack boxes are the best compared to other companies and taste the difference for yourself!

Pokemon Snack Box

True Japanese Snacks

Many snack box companies simply fill their boxes with treats that are not authentic Japanese snacks. At Dagashiya Box, we pride ourselves on only offering the best Japanese snacks. Each snack in your box is a traditional Japanese treat, like our popular Dodekamin Energy Soda.

Dagashiya Box

More Products Per Box

Each of our Japanese snack boxes includes a wide variety of the best Japanese snacks. Our Dagashiya Box is packed with 20 carefully selected, delicious treats that change every month. Keep an eye on our website to see which Japanese snacks to expect each month!

Dagashiya Japanese Snack Box

Competitive Pricing

At Dagashiya Box, we want every customer to experience the best Japanese snack boxes, which is why we offer competitive prices and a rewards program. We match points to the dollar for every purchase you make, giving you more opportunities to redeem your earnings for Japanese Starbucks cups, more snack boxes, anime figures, and more!

Dagashiya Japanese Snack Box

No Subscription Required

Unlike other snack box companies, we give you the option to make a one-time purchase or be a subscriber! Whether you are looking for a unique gift for someone special in your life, or you are a Japanese culture fanatic, we make it easy to enjoy the best Japanese snacks!

At Dagashiya Box, we take pride in offering customers the best Japanese snack boxes online for less! Each box is packed full of a variety of delicious, true Japanese snacks for you to share with your friends or enjoy yourself and the best part is: we ship worldwide! Order your Dagashiya box today!

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