DagashiyaBox offers box of treats selected every month ship directly from Japan. Name DagashiyaBox means box of treats where Dagashi(駄菓子) means treats has been loved from children to adults since long time ago. Some may call Dagashi as retro snack some may call it as snack from my childhood.

Kashipan Basket offers box of Japanese KashiPan. KashiPan is Japanese sweet breads that you may have seen multiple time threw Japanese entertainments such as Game, Animation or movie. For example Melon Pan is one of KashiPan. KashiPan basket will deliver you collection of major KashiPan from Japan.

We accept major credit cards, G Pay, apple pay, Shop Pay and Paypal.
We accept USD, CAD, GBP (UK Pound), EUR, AUD, NZD and TWD as our payment. If your payment shows up higher then what you expected, it is because currency is automatically set for your regions currency.
Our advertisement are based on USD. If your price shows higher with $ mark, it means price is automatically converted to your region currency. We accept USD, CAD (Canadian Dollar), GBP (UK Pound), EUR (Euro), AUD (Australia Dollar), NZD (New Zealand Dollar) and TWD (Taiwan Dollar) as our payment.
We do not cover for customs and tax fees.
Shipping are free shipping for any product we sell in DagashiyaBox! We ship upto Zone 7 of DHL. Any out of DHL delivery zone will delivered using Japan Post Air.
We ship world wide using Japan post or DHL or Fedex occasionally. However, we ship from DHL zone 1~7 and any order from beyound our shipping zone will automatically canceled. For DHL shipping zone, please check DHL website if your area is included within zone 1~7. Sorry for inconvenience.
Once you place an order, we prepare and ship your box within 3 business days. Once box has been shipped, you should get your box within 3 to 5 business days for most case and sometime 7 to 14 days due to customs. However sometime shipping possibly takes up to 1 month.
We shift our box at 1st day of each month. Please check what’s in my box page before ordering.
We announce content of box at 1st of every month. Once content of box announced, the order made after will have new month’s box.
Due to Japan post COVID-19 response, we can not provide tracking for shipment ship by Japan post. However we prioritise DHL as shipping method which provides tracking. (Please note for place dont supported by DHL we ship with Japan post)
If your order is shipped through Fedex or Japan Post, it means your address is considered distant shipping by DHL, meaning DHL does not ship directly to your place. For such place we ship with Fedex or Japan Post. Please note DagashiyaBox Light only ships using Japan Post Air. Also depends on occasion there is possibility we ship with Japan Post instead of DHL and if we ship with Japan Post, there will be no tracking provided and usually it takes 7 to 14 business day and in worst case (very rare case) 1 month. Sorry for inconvenience and thank you for understanding
There is monthly automatic payment subscription. We provide 5% off for any subscribers and your discount rate will automatically change to 7% off for continuously subscribed for 3 month!
We provide 5% off for any subscribers and your discount rate will automatically change to 7% off for continuously subscribed for 3 month! Also for subscribers with more then 3 month subscribed, we will provide discount code for single time purchase regularly!
I am so sorry to hear your box arrived damaged. Please contact your shipping carrier and also let us know how much it is damaged through contact us below.
You can find nutrition and allergy information at our website of What’s in the Box page and also in our monthly catalog provided within our box. We provide nutrition and allergy information based on Japanese health guideline with 7 must provide content: Milk, Egg, Wheat, Peanuts, Shrimp, Crab, and Soba. With additional 21 content: Almonds, Fish egg, Kiwi fruit, walnuts, Soy, Banana, Yam, Cashew Nuts, Peaches, Sesame, Mackerel, Salmon, Squid, Chicken, Apple, Mushroom, Shellfish, Orange, Beef, Gelatin, Pork If you have allergy within our product, please let us know, we may be able to sub few items.
DagashiyaBox contains 20+ Japanese treats and changes every month. Kashipan Basket contains 10 Japanese breads and cakes, and content does not change. Kitkat box contains 6 bag of different Japanese Kitkats including seasonal Kitkats and 4~5 Umaibo. DagashiyaBox light contains roughly 16 Japanese treats. Please refer to What’s in the Box page for information.
We will provide our boxes always with discounted price and you don’t need to consider purchasing long subscription for cheaper price. Our mission is to try our best to deliver Japanese treats and breads to every customer with discounted price. Also Kashipan Box will provide fresh Japanese breads straight from Japan and Kitkat box contains 6 bags of different kind of Japanese Kitkats!
Thank you for your interest in our past boxes however due to box includes limited items, we can not provide you past boxes.
Oh no! but please don’t panic. Japan writes their expire date in YEAR/MONTH/DATE format. We always take a look on each snack for expire date before packing. If our snack is expired, please contact us through contact us form below.
Our DagashiyaBox size is 25x25x9cm and contains 20 Japanese treats. Kashipan Basket is 27x20x12cm and contains 10 Japanese breads and cakes. For detailed contents please refer to What’s in the box page.
For items that already have been shipped please contact the carrier for change of address. For items that is not yet shipped, please contact us through contact us below.
Unfortunately, due to international shipping and short shelf lives of our product, all items purchased through dagashiyabox.com are final and non-refundable. most of the case we do not accept refund or return however if you have any problem with our product and want to talk with us about our product, please contact us through form below. Please contact us regarding this matter with in 2~3 month from the shipment date. We try our best to keep our customer happy with us please contact us freely with any question / concerns / feed backs.
Thank you for loving and promoting our boxes! We provide free boxes to our friends who promote our product. Please contact us through contact us form below with your SNS, Blog or Channel URL, and we will contact with you regarding our product review.
Within our box, we try our best to keep the content same as much as possible. However there is small possibility that we send you similar product instead of exact same product due to having issue to secure the product at the moment or simply its out. For example, there is possibility we send you similar snack made by different maker (e.x. We may send you Kakino Tane from other maker then Kameda's) However for Shareables (like Kitkat), DIY candy, Full size snacks ever need to substitute to different product (this is very rare case) we will notify you when you placed order prior to shipping to make sure you are okay with substitute product. We appologise for inconvenience and thank you for understanding
Its called Omake in Japan! Since we are family owned business there is chance we give you some Omake which means free sample to try or simply we just wanted to give you little more! If you need support like Allergy info / nutrition before you consume, please feel free to contact us! Enjoy your Omake!
Yes! Please contact support with certain item you want to purchase. We will get case order for any product in Kitkat Box, Kashipan Basket! We will reply to you with estimate price for your on-demand Order!
Please contact your customs office and let them know your package are held in customs. Usually this means customs need additional information or charge for tax. You will need your tracking number of DHL and also delivery address and recipients name
When package is held by customs, usually your local customs will contact you. Also In case if they don't, we will send you the notification that your package is held by customs so need to contact them. If custom does not get any calls or notification from you, usually custom hold your package for 1 week (Depend on countries) and will return to us. If this happens to you, please contact us. We will hold the another shipment until you contact us regarding custom returned package. Currently we noticed if you live in Europe, custom will likely held your package and ask for import tax.
Remote area delivery applies to some places in Australia, Canada and some European countries. For city area of above countries does not need to worry remote area delivery fee. However if you live in small town of Australia, Canada and some European countries, DHL will consider your address as "Remote Delivery Area" which charges large extra fee for delivery. We provide you the option to not to pay this fee too, please refer to another question below: I got email regarding remote area delivery and Are there way to not pay "Remote area delivery fee" without changing address? In summary, If you live in small town of Australia, Canada and Europe your address maybe considered remote delivery area and you can waiver the extra charge in various way!
Sometime there is few places that DHL does not go with regular price. For such places, we will ask our customer for 3 options they can select. 1. Change of delivery address to city area (Usually friends or families) 2. Ship with Japan Post Air (No tracking, takes 2~3 weeks in business days) 3. Pay for extra charge for remote area delivery out of all three we highly recommend option 1 since it will arrive fast with no extra charge.
Currently we are shipping to remote area delivery without extra charge if you order more then 3 of our product, this was number that we could afford remote delivery zone fee without charging you extra. If Japan Post is available, this is slower but another option you can take for no extra charge!


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