When you walk into a Japanese bakery or convenience store, one of the first things you’ll notice is the vast selection of Kashipan, also known as Japanese sweet breads. These tantalizing treats are a staple snack in Japan, with enough different flavors and types to satisfy even the pickiest of palates. If you want to bring the deliciousness of Kashipan into your own home, Dagashiya Box’s Kashipan Basket is for you! Here are four of our favorite breads we stuffed inside!

Melon Pan

Don’t let the name fool you — melon pan gets its name from its melon-like appearance, rather than a fruity flavor. Melon pan typically features a fluffy interior with a thin cookie dough crust on top. That ideal balance of softness and crispiness makes this bread a perennial Japanese favorite. You can taste melon pan yourself with our Japanese bread box!

Cream Pan

Soft, flaky dough filled with ooey-gooey custard cream — what’s not to love? Cream pan is another Kashipan classic, combining a spongy exterior with a rich, smooth filling. Cream pan is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, which is why our Japanese bread box always comes with multiple cream pan flavors!

Dorayaki and Ann Pan (Red Bean Paste Bread)

These two Japanese sweet breads are distinct, but they have one delicious secret in common: red bean paste! This traditional confection has been a hallmark of Japanese desserts since the Edo era. Dorayaki squishes the red bean paste between two fluffy pancakes, while ann pan encases it in a golden bun of Japanese milk bread. No matter which style you prefer, Dagashiya Box provides the easiest way to start snacking!


Introduced to Japan around the 1920s, Baumkuchen has been a popular dessert there ever since, especially as a return gift at weddings. You don’t need a special occasion to try Baumkuchen yourself, though! Our Kashipan Basket includes various Baumkuchen with countless layers for you to sink your teeth into.

Do you want to try out all the mouth-watering Japanese sweet breads you always see in anime? Dagashiya Box’s Kashipan Basket is what you need! Our Japanese bread box is packed with doughy delights, plus we offer fast and free shipping! Order yours today!

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